what I can do for you

I know: why the striking pirate garb?

Because as a freelance travel writer for the last ten years, my favorite thing is total immersion into a travel experience before I ever sit down at my laptop

While most (sane) travelers hope for a blissful trip experience, I welcome the moments roiling in confusion, annoyance — and even (a little) fear.

Because it’s all fodder for a great read.

  • I need a costume for a midnight pirate party ? Gold hoops and a faux parrot, and I’m dressed.
  • An island in Florida is home to ultralight activity? I donned a flight suit, and up I went. Don’t I look Amelia Earhart-ish? I’m a decent faker. Inside I was all, Auntie Em! The witch has me!
  • The chance to cage dive with great white sharks to gain first-hand knowledge about the apex predator of the sea? Seriously? I would never. However I did track down the two leading shark biologists in the U.S. – one on the West and the other on the East Coast — to get the latest on the booming shark population.

You can rely on me to write splashy, humorous pieces packed with important details – so that your readers can make the best use of their travel dollars.

I grew up in California and Nevada, lived in Virginia for five years, and now call Atlanta home. As a kid I visited Hawaii every other summer and toured Europe twice (including England, France, Italy, Germany and Greece).

As a regular contributor for nine years to Trip Advisor’s FamilyVacationCritic.com, I’ve written over 150 articles. I’m also a regular travel writer to Virginia’s Richmond Family Magazine. My articles have appeared in the Washington Post, CNN/travel, Costco Connection, Next Avenue and parenting magazines.

My writing voice is a blend of humor and destination intel that didn’t come courtesy of a press release.

Editors, your copy will arrive:

  • on deadline
  • on word count
  • with fact-accuracy (my new term)
  • and as close to brilliant! as I can craft it.

I’m not off-the-clock until the article is just what you envisioned. For example, I would never hand in a piece on a Monday and go MIA the rest of the month.

I’d love to connect with you at: wendy (at) wendyirvinewriter (dot) com.