editor approved

Almost daily I have to remind myself to talk #oldschool. I’m way more interesting on email plus it rocks for a number of reasons. For starters, we can keep complimentary comments for years to come if they’re in email form.

Take a look at three of my most favorite comments that came of their own accord:


Thank you for being so flexible on edits. Your starting point is always amazing!

— Karen Schwartzkopf,

managing editor,

Richmond Family Magazine


I just edited your guide to Richmond — it’s great!

I love your writing style.

— Amanda Norcross,

managing editor,

Trip Advisor’s Family Vacation Critic.

It’s perfect. Very nicely done. I’m impressed. Thanks for your care and skill.

– Feature article on Joe Getty and his family for Kidaround magazine; Joe Getty is co-host of the Armstrong & Getty Show (morning radio show broadcasting in 17 states).